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The Larder is open now Tuesday 23 March

posted 23 Mar 2021, 03:31 by Hamish Wishart
The Larder is open today Tuesday March 23rd 10.30am -12.30pm at the church.
The Larder is part of our community's response to those affected by the Covid-19 crisis. We welcome everyone who, for whatever reason, needs the help we can provide. We recognise these needs are caused by many and varying factors and are keen to see our support go wherever it is needed.
😷 Remember you should wear a face covering/mask and leave a contact number with us.
👨‍👧 Let us know how many people you are picking up for, this helps us plan our supplies and keep a record of how many people we are helping.
✅ We are especially keen to support those who are struggling financially during difficult times, however, we do not require proof of income.
🥫 Please only take what you need so that there is enough to go around.
👏 We thank our many partners for allowing us to look after each other.
Today we are well stocked with groceries and toiletries thanks to a bumber donation from
today, thankyou. More donated by
Stirling Community Food
. Thanks to
cooked meals are available today to take home and reheat. We also have our regular supply of milk from
Graham's The Family Dairy
and meat from
John Cullens Family Butcher
We look forward to seeing you today!

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